Core4 Fitness @ Vale

About Core4 & Kevin Dean

Kevin Dean CPT-PES
U.S. Air Force Veteran Has held many top certifications specializing in human movement and sorts performance, including National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist.

17 Years of experience fitness Industry.

  • Creator of Core 4 Strength and Conditioning system
    • Owner of Fit4u Training Facilities
    • Cheshire and Middletown Locations
  • Training director of WOW! Fitness, 2006-2008

What, Why, How, When
The goal of this strength and conditioning program is to provide our student athletes with a systematic, regimented, and progressive routine. This program will educate our athletes to not only to perform the prescribed exercises correctly, but to do it in a manner that will optimize strength and speed gains. The Core 4 Philosophy is to teach “What” a program is, “Why” we do it, “How” to perform it, and “When” to progress it. Following this program we will effectively prepare the athletes for the season as well as educate them for their individual futures.

“Failure to prepare is preparing for failure”

We will take the effective “new school” philosophies and match it up with “old school’ hard work ethic. This will create the best athlete possible and prepare them for the rigors of a hard season.

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